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  • Suction Dart Game with an Orange Suction Bullseye
  • 4 Red Suction Darts, 4 Blue Suction Darts & 1 Orange Suction Bullseye
  • Will Stick to Any Flat Smooth Surface by Suction Cups
  • Will Stick to Each Other by Suction Cups
  • They  Pop when Pulled Apart or Off Smooth Flat Surface
  • Stick the Bullseye on a Wall and Try to Get Closest with the Suction Darts
  • Popper Sensory Toy
  • Ages 3+
  • Bagged & Pegable as Shown
  • Participating Item for the Free Display Making Kit
  • Comes with Specific Bin Signage (as Shown)
  • Fits Tall or Short Bins
  • Available in Multiples of 12
    Wholesale: $4.99
    Retail: $9.99

Fidget Suction Darts - Popper Sensory Toy

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