Great for everyday use, these reading glasses are frameless, come in translucent candy-like colors and are incredibly lightweight. Each display includes 30 pairs of glasses and contain 6 each of the following powers: +3.00, +2.50, +2.00, +1.50 and +1.00. Colors include 5 of each of the following: orange, light blue, pink, lavender, red and lime green. All glasses are packaged in simple countertop display making shelf display simple and easy.


  • Available in Displays of 30 - Assorted
    Wholesale: $2.49
    Retail: $4.99


  • Frameless
  • Very Lightweight
  • Counter Display
  • Assorted Powers:
  • Assorted Colors:
    Light Blue
    Lime Green

Ladies' Translucent Reading Glasses

SKU: GM019b