Add inspiration and beauty to your space this Treasured Moments Wood Panel Wall Plaque featuring a wooden panel style plaque covered with unique artwork with a weathered look. Plaque easily mounts to walls with sawtooth bracket on back side. Measures approximately 31.75" tall x 12" wide. Comes in assorted styles: Eiffel Tower photo and Good Times phrases. Comes shrink wrapped.


  • 31.75 inch x 12 inch
  • Weathered Look
  • Sawtooth Bracket
  • 2 Assorted Styles
    Eiffel Tower
    Good Times Phrases
  • Available in Multiples of 8
    Wholesale: $9.99
    Retail: $19.99

Treasured Moments™ 31.75” x 12” Wood Panel Plaques - Assorted

SKU: GF027a
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